Mallorca monitoring a number of storm fronts. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


While the temperatures are currently not forecast to drop significantly in the Balearics, the level of humidity is going to continue high with isolated heavy storms expected today and over the next week.

And, because of the high temperature of the sea, warnings have been issued of possible tropical storms towards the end of next week as a result of a tropical cyclone which could be heading toward Spain.

There are expected to be several storm systems with significant potential over the coming days. One storm formation is currently forming in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Oceanographer and weather expert Yurima Celdran told Metro: “Higher Mediterranean temperatures provide a greater source of energy for medicanes and amplify their destructivity.

“Sea temperatures this autumn are expected to be higher than normal and if the necessary atmosphere conditions are in place, it would not be unreasonable to think the Mediterranean could harbour a medicane this year.”

Meanwhile, marine ecologist Carlos Duarte told Spanish newspaper El Mundo: “The highest and most imminent risk this year of this wave of marine heat is that the Mediterranean is very warm, and when it cools down in autumn, can lead to extreme episodes of stormy weather.
“In some places medicanes could occur, which may be more intense than what we’ve experienced up to now.”