The torrent in Sant Llorenç was very high.

Almost four years to the day of the tragedy in Sant Llorenç caused by floods, bad memories were aroused by the torrential rain overnight into Friday.

Around two in the morning, the town hall launched the amber alert of the Inunbal Plan for risk of flooding. Sirens sounded advising people to take refuge in safe places, not to go near the torrent due to the possibility of it bursting its banks and to remove vehicles from areas.

Llorenç Femenias says that he woke up and found 15 centimetres of water in the interior patio. "The fear wasn't the same because on the last occasion it all happened so fast, but the alarm made you realise that it could get worse."

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Sergi Santandreu said that "no one warned us that an alarm would sound". "People didn't know what to do and what was happening. It's a good preventive measure, but if you don't know about it then it's scary. The fear doesn't go away, as you always have it in mind."