Mallorca will enjoy this weekend temperatures more typical of May, according the Palma Met Office. In this sense, they specified that for the end of this week maximums of up to 26 degrees Centigrade and minimums of 13 degrees Centigrade are expected. However, a NASA space photograph clearly shows the large amounts of snow on Mallorca mountain tops.

These temperatures are "very high for this time of the year", since the normal are maximums of 16.5 degrees and minimums of 7 degrees. Therefore, in some areas daytime temperatures may be almost 10 higher higher than usual in mid-March.

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The good weather will surely encourage many people to enjoy the beaches om the island, either with a walk or sunbathing; there may even be some who cannot resist to jump into the sea! In this sense, the Met Office has reported that the water temperature will be 14 degrees, so it will still be cold for a swim.

This winter has already been one of the coldest on record.