Storm arriving to Mallorca Thursday afternoon. | Marc Garau Gayu

The freak weather forecast for this week hit the island on Thursday morning with Puigpunyent, the mountain village, being hit by heavy rains and thunder and lightening, according to the Palma Met Office.

Map showing where the storm is at 4.16pm.

Storm is over Mallorca

The yellow alert for heavy rain - up to twenty litres per square metre in an hour - and for thunderstorms and possible hail has been widened to include the south of the island as well as the interior. The alert applies from noon Thursday until 7pm. That's how things stand as of 5.30pm on Wednesday.

Weather stations suggest that there could be thunderstorms pretty much anywhere during the day, the general forecast being for mostly overcast conditions with occasional sunny interludes.

Friday does look somewhat better but still with a risk of rain and thunderstorms in the morning. Saturday generally fine and sunny, but then Sunday and into the start of next week appears unsettled.

Forecast for Thursday as of Wednesday 5.30pm (UV rating 8):

Alcudia (15C) 22C, gentle east breeze; humidity 65%. Three-day forecast - Fri: 24, Sat: 24, Sun: 24.

Andratx (13C) 23C, light southwest and southeast breezes; humidity 65%. Fri: 24, Sat: 25, Sun: 24.

Binissalem (13C) 23C, light north breeze increasing to gentle northeast; humidity 60%. Fri: 26, Sat: 27, Sun: 25.

Deya (13C) 21C, light southwest breeze easing to calm; humidity 55%. Fri: 24, Sat: 26, Sun: 23.

Palma (15C) 23C, light north breeze backing southwest; humidity 55%. Fri: 25, Sat: 27, Sun: 26.

Pollensa (14C) 23C, light east breeze; humidity 65%. Fri: 26, Sat: 25, Sun: 25.

Porreres (13C) 23C, light northeast breeze increasing to gentle southeast; humidity 60%. Fri: 25, Sat: 26, Sun: 25.

Sant Llorenç (15C) 23C, gentle east breeze; humidity 65%. Fri: 23, Sat: 25, Sun: 24.

Santanyi (13C) 23C, gentle east-southeast breezes; humidity 60%. Fri: 23, Sat: 24, Sun: 24.

Sineu (13C) 22C, light northeast breeze; humidity 65%. Fri: 24, Sat: 25, Sun: 24.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19.

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Wednesday summary (to 5.30pm) - Highs of 27.0 Palma University, 26.5 Es Capdellà and Llucmajor, 26.1 Binissalem; Lows of 9.5 Son Torrella (Escorca), 11.4 Serra Alfabia (Bunyola), 12.0 Campos; Around 5pm there was rain and a thunderstorm in the south of the island (Palma, Llucmajor).