A good amount of sun in Mallorca on Tuesday but still with a risk of rain. | Toni Diez

On Monday, alerts for heavy in the south and interior were activated, but the rainfall wasn't anything like it has been.

There are currently no alerts for Tuesday, but there is quite a high probability of some rain in the late morning and afternoon. This is again the case for parts of the interior (Pla and Raiguer regions), the south/southeast and Palma. Even so, there should be good amounts of sun for the whole island and especially in the northern coastal area, where there is zero probability of rain.

Wednesday is due to be cloudy across the whole island but with negligible risk of rain.

As mentioned in the Monday weather report, temperatures are expected to climb somewhat, with 31C and 32C possible in the interior at the weekend - some five to six degrees above normal for the time of year. Note that the UV rating is now up to 9 and will probably reach 10 this week.

But while it will be getting warmer, unsettled conditions are forecast to return. This is because of Storm Oscar. At present off the coast of Portugal, effects of this storm are likely to be felt later this week. The same areas - interior, south, southeast - currently show a fairly high probability of rain from Friday to Sunday, the Aemet met agency suggesting that Monday will be when the effects are most felt. This said, it's possible that the storm could lose its intensity.

Forecast for Tuesday as of Monday 7.30pm (UV rating 9):

Alcudia (17C) 27C, gentle northeast breeze easing to light; humidity 50%. Three-day forecast - Wed: 26, Thu: 27, Fri: 27.

Andratx (16C) 25C, light southwest-south breezes; humidity 65%. Wed: 25, Thu: 26, Fri: 26.

Binissalem (14C) 28C, moderate southwest breeze easing to light; humidity 50%. Wed: 27, Thu: 29, Fri: 29.

Deya (15C) 25C, light west breeze easing to calm; humidity 65%. Wed: 25, Thu: 26, Fri: 27.

Palma (15C) 26C, moderate southwest breeze easing to light south; humidity 60%. Wed: 25, Thu: 27, Fri: 27.

Pollensa (16C) 29C, light north-northeast breezes; humidity 60%. Wed: 28, Thu: 28, Fri: 29.

Porreres (12C) 28C, light south breeze increasing to gentle southeast; humidity 50%. Wed: 25, Thu: 30, Fri: 29.

Sant Llorenç (14C) 27C, moderate southeast breeze easing to light; humidity 55%. Wed: 25, Thu: 28, Fri: 30.

Santanyi (14C) 26C, gentle south-southeast breezes; humidity 55%. Wed: 24, Thu: 27, Fri: 27.

Sineu (14C) 28C, light southwest breeze increasing to gentle southeast; humidity 50%. Wed: 25, Thu: 30, Fri: 28.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19; moderate to 28.

Balearic Webcams (majorcadailybulletin.com)

Monday summary (to 7.30pm) - Highs of 27.0 Palma University, 26.8 Sant Elm, 26.3 Llucmajor; Lows of 8.0 Son Torrella (Escorca), 10.7 Lluc, 12.0 Campos; Rainfall of 7.6 litres per square metre Porreres, 4.4 Santa Maria del Camí, 0.2 Campos and Llucmajor.