Cabrera, where the sea temperature on Monday was 28.61C. | Archive


According to data from the SOCIB coastal observation service, the average temperature of the Balearic Sea on Monday was 27.86C, just over half a degree higher than the average for the whole of the Mediterranean - 27.22C. For the western Mediterranean alone, the difference was greater, as the average was 26.52C.

For historical comparison purposes, current temperatures are assessed against those for 1982 to 2015. Monday's temperature was 2.54 degrees above the historical average. The Mediterranean as a whole was 2.01 degrees warmer and the western Mediterranean 2.09 degrees.

In the specific case of Cabrera, Monday's temperature was 28.61C, close to the Mediterranean record for July 31 and 3.05 degrees higher than the historical average.

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The values for the Balearic Sea this summer are very similar to those of last year. On Monday, the temperature was slightly lower than that for the same day in 2022, but an upward trend in temperature values has been pretty much constant for several years.

In 2022, the Dragonera buoy registered the highest temperature ever in Spanish waters. This buoy already held the record - 31.27C in 2018 - and broke it twice last summer with 31.34C on August 11 and then 31.36C on August 24.

Oceanographic centres in Malaga and the Balearics as well as the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) and the Institute of Marine Sciences have verified that the Mediterranean is increasing its temperature and salinity from the surface to the deepest levels. The IEO points to an annual rise in sea level of 2.8 millimetres, this based on data from 1992 to 2022.