Cooling off in Palma in August. | Miquel À. Cañellas


Summer 2023, which ends on Saturday, has been the third hottest on record in Mallorca and the Balearics after the summers of 2003 and 2022.

The Aemet met agency says that the average temperature has been 25.5C. This has been 1.2 degrees above the norm. There have been three heat waves, the same number as last year. It has been normal for there to be one heat wave every two years.

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The highest temperature was during the second heat wave - July 17 to 19. This was 43.9C in Sa Pobla, a record for this weather station. In Lloseta and Sineu there were also temperatures of 43 degrees or above. The all-time record high for Mallorca was set in August last year - 44.5C in Montuiri.

There have been more tropical nights than ever before. These are when the temperature doesn't dip below 20C. Records for this first started to be kept in 1973. At the Portopi weather station in Palma there have been 35 'torrid' nights - temperature not below 25C. Five has been the normal number.

The summer in the Balearics has also been unusually wet. Storms on two days in August have given an average of 94 litres per square metre; 40 litres are normal. The greatest rainfall was on August 27 - 128 litres per square metre in Son Torrella (Escorca), 108 in Puerto Soller and 105 in Soller.