General view of Palma, Mallorca capital. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Generally clear skies with light winds and relatively warm temperatures higher than normail There is no forecast of rain with temperatures remaing stable. The outlook for the week in Palma is similar, with overcast skies, light winds and stables temperatures. The outlook for the weekend is good with clear skies and sunshine being forecast by the Palma Met Office.

The hottest day will be tomorrow (November 14) when in the north and northeast of the island temperatures could reach 27º; in the rest of the island it will be between 22º and 26º. The normal temperature for this time of the year is 19 degrees Centigrade. On Wednesday, November 15, daytime temperatures will drop slightly, but will still be above normal around 24º.

So far the island has been enying an exceptionally mild autumn with temperatures higher than usual. At the start of the autumn season the Met Office said that autum and spring would be warmer than usual.

The summers are also getting hotter with last summer being the third warmest on record, according to the Met Office. There is some concern that the summers are getting too hot. For next summer there has been an increase in bookings for September and October to beat the heat.

One of the downfalls of last summer was the so-called tropical nights with temperatures remaining high during the hours of darkness. Case in point was Banyalbufar which had a night-time temperature of 37 degrees Centigrade. This made sleeping exceptionally difficult. Boffins have said that the summers will continue to get hotter as a direct result of global warming. This is starting to cause some concern and there have been calls from environmentalists for action. The tourist industry with its high volume of flights has been blamed for helping to cause global warming, according to some sources.