Snow in Mallorca.


Mallorca witnessed today a light snowfall on Puig Major, a meteorological miracle expertly captured by geographer Alberto Darder. Sharing the moment with his followers on X, Darder showcased a glimpse of the snowfall on Saint George's Day atop Puig Major.

"April 23, 2024, Puig Major! A touch of snow for Sant Jordi," Darder announced alongside a video, revealing a modest accumulation compared to previous snow events in the Serra de Tramuntana region. Additionally, Darder noted a flurry of granular snow on Puig Major.

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Excitement rippled through Darder's followers upon witnessing the rare sight of snow in Mallorca. Responses flooded in, with expressions like "Lovely!" and "Happy snowy Sant Jordi," echoing the sentiment of the occasion.

Meanwhile, chilly temperatures and precipitation persisted throughout the day. The Balearic Islands' State Meteorological Agency forecast cloudy spells with intermittent showers, intensifying at night with the possibility of robust showers, small hail, and thunderstorms.