News of the day 25 December 2021
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King Felipe making his Christmas speech.

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Spanish king's annual speech warns against virus complacency

The king also remembered residents of the Spanish island of La Palma.

Bryan Adams is coming to Mallorca.

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Bryan Adams to rock Mallorca next summer

A very British flavour for the Mallorcan summer of live music

Malorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Masks back on in Mallorca this Christmas.

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74% fewer deaths from COVID than in 2020 in the Balearics

Most patients in this sixth wave are "younger" than in the first waves.

Malorca Daily Bulletin reporter

A total of 919,764 people have been fully vaccinated

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1,053 new cases of covid-19 in the Balearics

Intesive care remains on high risk.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

88 % of intensive care patients have not been vaccinated.

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9,178 cases of covid in two weeks in the Balearics

Since the start of the pandemic, 119,709 cases of covid-19 have been detected in the Balearics.

Malorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma


La Palma volcano eruption declared over after three months of destruction

Lava now covers 1,219 hectares - equivalent to roughly 1,500 soccer pitches

Pope delivers Urbi et Orbi blessing


Shun polarisation, try dialogue to heal divided world, pope says at Christmas

He asked people not to be indifferent to the plight of migrant

Arrest made in the early hours.

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Death threat over Mallorca Christmas party

Neighbour came out with a kitchen knife.

Malorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Jingle Bells with Lyrics | Christmas Songs HD | Christmas Songs and Carols


A Christmas ABC

Andrew Valente shares with us how each letter in the alphabet is associated to Christmas.

Andrew Valente

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Sunshine on Christmas Day in Mallorca

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Santa brings the sun to Mallorca

The festivities will continue throuhout the day in the sun.

Malorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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