News of the day 24 November 2023
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An abandoned property in Palma, Mallorca

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Almost a third of Balearic homes are not main residences

Half of the homes not used as main residences are unoccupied.

Andrew Ede

The murderer arrested in Artà hid under his bed after committing the crime

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Your weekly news catch up in Mallorca

This week recent incidents in Mallorca include a fatal stabbing in Arta, a shooting in Bendinat, squatter violence in Palma, a former German soldier arrested for arson, ongoing investigations into human trafficking, migrant minors housed in a care home, a potential airport strike, and concerns about the carbon footprint and water resources.

Andrew Ede

National Police investigation into police officer in Palma, Mallorca

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Palma police officer arrested for renting out storage rooms as living accommodation

Immigrants in 'irregular' situations were paying up to 750 euros a month rent.

Andrew Ede

Black Friday in Palma, Mallorca

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Black Friday in Palma - Should the Christmas lights have been delayed by a day?

Even with discounts, a view was that prices were higher than before.

Andrew Ede

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Spain's PM Sanchez chairs first new cabinet meeting


I’m all right Jack in Spain!

“A government formed by a party which didn´t even win the election propped up by Spain’s most wanted man....”

Jason Moore

New demonstrations aginst the amnesty in Madrid


Spanish government doubts

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has managed to cobble together a macro coalition but very few people honestly think he will be able to keep it together for the next four years.

Humphrey Carter

Chambao 'Ahí estás tú' and the 'Andalucía te quiere' ad


Advertising Mallorca: Being responsible means being emotional

Powerful messaging is required rather than relying on a responsible tourism pledge via a website.

Andrew Ede

General view of Snowdonia


Free to roam when you are young

Sad stories like this serve to remind us not to sweat the small stuff as life can be cut short in a whisper.

Anna Nicholas

Holiday / Lifestyle
General view of Palma's port and surrounding area

Crew focus in Mallorca

Wanna be a yachtie in Mallorca?

The Autumn is also quite a good time to be looking; at the end of the summer season lots of crew move around so new jobs will pop up then before many head over the pond to hit the Caribbean season.

Erica Lay

Daily Horoscope

What does your horoscope say about you today: Friday, November 24

Being in company with people we love and partaking in the good vibes can be an ideal option

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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MSC Fantasia cruise ship


Find out which ships are in port today

The MSC Fantasia is the only cruise ship visiting Palma today

Cathy Caliz

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Rough seas in the north of Mallorca

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Saturday's weather in Mallorca

The forecast for Mallorca for Saturday, 25 November.

Andrew Ede

Island life / Schools
Anti-Bullying Week


Antibullying Week at The Academy

Last week was antibullying week in the UK and at The Academy we did lots of activities to support this cause: ‘Making a Noise About Bullying’.

The Academy International School

Sport / Real Mallorca
Abdon Prats and Sergi Darder, Mallorca's "Arta connection"

Real Mallorca

Fixture pile-up for Real Mallorca

We have a month to find out if we sink or swim as the road map shows the Palma side have to face fixtures against direct rivals in quick succession.

Monro Bryce

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