Jessika Ekman
Jessika Ekman

With +20 years in Mallorca Swedish born Jessika consider herself Mallorquin at heart. Event business owner, wedding celebrant and a keen writer. Jessika is a keen writer she has her own column in Mallorca Bulletin, the island only English-speaking newspaper, where she keeps up with the Scandinavian community on the island. She loves to help entrepreneurs and newcomers to find their place in Mallorca.


Nordic Spotlight: School start challanges

Our collaborator Jessika Ekman on the school reality in Mallorca.

Jessika Ekman 30/08/2021 11:29


Nordic Spotlight: No August without a crayfish party

This week we learn all about the crayfish party that is celebrated in August and the harvest of Carobs on the island.

Jessika Ekman 22/08/2021 10:00


Nordic Spotlight: From Iceland to Inca

This week in Nordic Spotlight we meet a woman from Iceland that has made a home and more in Inca.

Jessika Ekman 16/08/2021 09:50


Nordic Spotlight: Meet Darin the Swedish King of Pop

This week Jessika talks to this Swedish artist about his album and his first release from it, a song he wrote in Mallorca.

Jessika Ekman 08/08/2021 10:00


Nordic Spotlight: Jessika is stuck in Mallorca this summer

This week in our Nordic Spotlight, Jessika is trying something new to move forward and find out what she found in the mountains.

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