Chefs Carlos Garcia on the left, together with Àlvar Albaladejo, who together manage the cuisine served in the Ocre restaurant of the Hotel Can Ferretera in Santanyi. | Nico Martimez

In recent months, readers of the Majorca Daily Bulletin have already been able to enjoy the creations of four great chefs who have joined - for the first time or repeating the experience - in ‘Kitchens and Cooks with Passion’, an initiative promoted by B|Style and this newspaper, which has already established itself among the readership and maintains a positive and faithful response. In addition to promoting the restaurants, their chefs and kitchen and dining room teams, ‘Kitchens and Cooks with Passion’ encourages the consumption of local cuisine prepared with local products and boosts the restaurant sector in Mallorca; all of this is part of the success of the proposal.

The chefs who have already participated in this second season are Santi Taura, Fernando Arellano, Javier Gardonio and Joan Marc, the latter with his menu still active until 31 March.

Today it is the turn to present a well-known chef on these pages, Àlvar Albaladejo, who participated, as you may remember, in the first edition. This time, the chef surprises with a double tasting menu for 65 € each; a different menu for each of the two restaurants he manages: the Quadrant Restaurant, in the Hotel Sant Frances in Palma, and the Restaurant Ocre, in the Hotel Can Ferretera in Santanti.

PALMA. RESTAURANTES. Dos restaurantes y una misma forma de entender la gastronomía.

A treat for all those who love good gastronomy, as they will have the possibility of attending two different but complementary alternatives. The chef for both menus is Àlvar Albaladejo; however, in the case of Restaurant Quadrant he works with chef Carles Forteza, and in Restaurant Ocre with chef Carlos Garcia.

To book each of the menus, the usual formula of prior reservation with limited places is maintained. As always, using the QR code that appears in the advertisement, Majorca Daily Bulletin readers will be able to access the B|Style online platform to make the reservation. Both options will be active from 15 March for Ocre restaurant, and from 17 March for Quadrant restaurant, both until 17 April 2022. As for the menus, you will be able to discover in detail, in the Majorca Daily Bulletin’s advertisement for ‘Kitchens and Cook with Passion’, what each one of them consists of, which judging by the chef’s contribution in the first edition of this initiative, will surely be a success again and will not leave anyone unimpressed.


PALMA. RESTAURANTES. Dos restaurantes y una misma forma de entender la gastronomía.

Located in the Hotel Sant Francesc in Palma, this restaurant is accessed from the Plaza Sant Francesc and is divided into three areas, all of them designed for the enjoyment and relaxation of the client. Its gastronomy is ‘simple and delicate’ they assure; and their chef, Àlvar Albaladejo, makes a clear commitment to a cuisine based on local and Mediterranean products, with high creativity and a mixture of original and classic recipes that surprise.

PALMA. RESTAURANTES. Dos restaurantes y una misma forma de entender la gastronomía.

Santanyi is the municipality where this restaurant is located in the Hotel can Ferrereta. It is built on the site of an old wine cellar that has preserved its original stone arches. It has a main dining room, a private dining room, a small interior patio with a garden and several outdoor tables in the Majorcan courtyard. The gastronomy, also signed by Àlvar Albaladejo, is ‘honest, with the product as the star of the dish’, a clear commitment to local cuisine, with local products and producers.