As I keep exploring Palmanova, I catch myself surprised that I have still not written about Origin, as I walk past this haven for cocktail enthusiasts almost every day. Nestled on Son Matias Beach, at the edge of Palmanova, this bar/restaurant offers a unique blend of good food, tasty cocktails and atmosphere that sets it apart from the rest. On the night I went with the intention of writing about it, live music was played by Holly Lowe and her friend Si, who some of you might know from their live sessions from a garage in Andratx during the pandemic. But I digress…

The star of the show at Origin Palmanova is undoubtedly its exquisite list of cocktails, combining premium spirits, fresh ingredients, and innovative techniques. From classic concoctions with a modern twist to avant-garde creations that push the boundaries of flavour, their cocktail menu is a journey through taste and imagination. I was studying it for far too long before finally settling for Bubblicious, a bubble gum inspired cocktail made with Havana Club 3y, Merlet strawberry liqueur, lime, strawberries and bubble gum foam. It came in a tall tulip shaped glass and was served with a tiny wooden spoon to scoop up the bubble gum foam. Initially very sweet, this cocktail reminded me of Bazooka chewing gums I used to love as a child. Having stirred it a bit, to mix the foam with the rest of the ingredients, I tasted it again and – I loved it! It was still sweet, but beautifully rich in both taste and the texture. It was certainly different to any cocktail I have tried before. While I was messing about with my pink concoction, my grown up friend sipped a decent sized glass of house red and commented that it was very good too.

As each of us enjoyed our respective drinks, we chatted a little bit to our very attentive waitress. She told us that she was called Nalua (what a beautiful name!) and that she loved working at Origin Palmanova because “it had a similar vibe to a beach club, but was less intense”. Looking around, I could totally understand what she meant.

In a world where cocktail bars are plentiful, Origin Palmanova manages to stand out by seamlessly blending its super interesting cocktail offerings with a captivating ambient, making it a must-visit spot for those seeking both exceptional drinks and an unforgettable atmosphere.

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Till next time – cheers!

The Place

Marina Arcades, Carrer Cala Blanca, 1, 07181 Palmanova


Classic Cocktails from 9.50 euros

Signature cocktails from 12 euros