The strawberries and cream dessert was heavenly; a classic concept elevated to a whole new level. | Mia Naprta

For me, Cala Mayor used to be one of those areas I’d pass through on my way from Palma to somewhere westward. However, in recent years, it has converted into a neighbourhood boasting good bakeries, brunch spots, and more. So, when a client invited me to dinner “at a great French restaurant,“ I was both sceptical and curious in equal measures.

Franzette is a relatively fresh face in Cala Mayor’s gastronomic landscape, taking up residence in the former home of Argentine artist Tito Cittadini. Its location on Av. Joan Miró adds an artistic flair to this dining experience. The ambience is welcoming and stylish without trying too hard. I particularly enjoyed the wall art and the generous splashes of red throughout the restaurant.

We kicked off our meal with champagne and a couple of intriguing oyster options: one with kimchee juice, shiso oil, and fish roe, and another featuring mignonette sauce. Both were sensational, but the tangy mignonette - with its vinegar, minced shallots, and cracked pepper - won me over slightly more than its fermented counterpart.

Next up was Portobello carpaccio with truffle mayo, parmigiano reggiano, and rucula. Though I’d never tried this dish before, the combination of raw mushrooms, bitter rucula, and smoky parmigiano was exquisite. The truffle mayo added a touch of sophistication and another layer of flavour.

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The cuisine is predominantly French, but with one of the owners being Swedish, we also spotted some Scandinavian influences. Case in point: Toast Skagen, featuring a prawn salad with mayonnaise, sour cream, and dill, served atop toasted bread and garnished with roe. Another delightful culinary twist!

Our final savoury dish was an Aged beef filet accompanied by béarnaise sauce and fries. The steak was cooked to medium-rare perfection, and the béarnaise was a harmonious blend of butter, white wine, vinegar, shallots, tarragon, and chervil, emulsified and thickened with egg yolks. For dessert, we sampled Tarta de queso Roquefort and Fresas con crema, lima y chocolate blanco. Although I was not too keen on the Roquefort cheesecake (simply because I am not a fan of requefort either), my dining companions couldn’t get enough. But the strawberries and cream dessert was heavenly; a classic concept elevated to a whole new level.

In summary, all three of us agreed that Franzette took us by delightful surprise with every dish. We would very happily return to this charming restaurant in an unlikely neighbourhood of Cala Mayor.

The place

Avinguda de Joan Miró, 308
Tel: 680 75 90 59

The bill

  • Oyster with kimchee juice, shiso oil, fish roe - 6,50€
  • Oyster with mignonette - 6€
  • Portobello carpaccio with truffle mayo, parmigiano reggiano and rucula - 14€
  • Toast skagen - 17€
  • Aged beef filet with bearnaise sauce & fries - 25€
  • Cheesecake - 8,50€
  • Strawberries and cream - 6,50€

Opening hours

Wednesday to Sunday 1.30pm to 4pm & 6pm to 12am