Passport control delays have a knock-on impact on transport. | Juan Luis Ruiz Collado

The tourism sector in Mallorca claims that holidaymakers are being delayed by up to three hours in getting to coaches to transfer them from the airport to their destinations.

Issues with passport control at certain times have been evident since the end of April, tour operators, coach companies and hoteliers pointing to a combination of Brexit and high passenger numbers for passport control being overstretched.

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The transport federation says that it is "urgent" that the problem is solved. In this regard, there was a meeting on Monday between between transport representatives and the Spanish government delegate in the Balearics, Aina Calvo. The federation's manager, Salvador Servera, says that Calvo informed them the problem will be solved in June with the arrival of more police officers. Operation Summer, the reinforcement of state security forces in the Balearics, has been brought forward a month, Servera stressing that more police at Son Sant Joan Airport "is vital".

He explains that the most critical days are Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, which is when there are most flights from the UK, and wants coordination of services in order to prevent problems that could damage the image of the island.

Meanwhile, there are also issues with flights from the UK (although not only the UK). Flights are being cancelled because of shortages of personnel. Nevertheless, the Aena airports authority in Spain is confident that airport activity in the UK will return to normal.