More controllers for Mallorca. | Patricia Lozano

The number of air-traffic controllers in the Balearics is to increase 5.9% to 197. The state air navigation company, Enaire, has announced a reinforcement of air-traffic personnel in all regions of Spain. This is in anticipation of a summer with a level of flights close to the record year of 2019.

The greatest percentage increase is in the south of Spain - up 9.6% to 250. The centre-north region has the most air-traffic controllers - 630, with a 1.7% increase. There are now 2,117 controllers in all - an increase of 7.6% since 2016. Enaire is fourth in Europe in terms of air traffic volume and has the third highest number of controllers.

For June to September, Enaire is anticipating flight operations to be 93% of what they were over the same period of 2019 - more than 750,000 flights.

In April, there were 169,157 flights, 7.7% down on April 2019. However, at the control centre in Palma there was an increase of 9.8% compared with April 2019 - 29,056 in all.