Airport delays, queues and flight cancellations continue to hit summer travel to the island with the tourist industry both in Britain and Mallorca saying in a single voice that enough is enough.

A shortage of staff, both at Palma and UK airports, have been blamed. "Everyone delayed. General chaos here at Palma airport´s Terminal A. Got to Manchester at 3am this morning. Must admit that Manchester airport is worse than Palma," said one Bulletin reader. There were also reports of more flights being cancelled making the problem even more pronounced.

In the photograph which we publish sent to us by a reader the long queues at Palma airport are clearly visible. One of the reasons is that British tourists now have their travel documents checked on arrival which has led to long queues allegedly because of a lack of staff. Police unions have called on the government to send more officers to the airport.

In Britain, the government and the travel industry have traded verbal blows over who is to blame.