Playa de Muro, where there are various quality standards, including the Blue Flag. | Lola Olmo

With hotel occupancy up to around 100% in Playa de Muro this Easter and with excellent forecasts for the season, the last thing that Muro town hall wants is to have to remove 325 sunlounger sets (two sunloungers and a parasol) from the beach. The Costas Authority has told the town hall that it must do this.

The town hall is angered and will appeal the order. Mayor Miquel Porquer says that the Costas are contradicting themselves, as it was they who granted the concession. He stresses that the parameters for sunloungers are complied with - "almost always more than six metres between the shore and the first set". The town hall is also concerned that the reduction may result in the loss of the Blue Flag. "We had set minimums in order to be able to maintain this."

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At the town hall, there is a feeling of being "persecuted" by the Costas. And Muro isn't alone. Porquer adds that Muro has been suffering because of the Costas "for many years". "It's not only us. I know many colleagues (at other town halls) who've experienced the same. It's a full-blown hunt."

"We want to provide the best possible service. We have up to July 1 to appeal and we will do so."