Bungalow restaurant had been facing demolition.

The new Balearic government has ridden to the rescue of historic beach bars on the island which had been facing demolition under new laws. One of the businesses which could be saved is the historic Bungalow restaurant in Cuidad Jardin which faced an uncertain future after a demolition order was issued. The new Balearic government has made saving these businesses a priority but it could mean that they clash with the central administration in Madrid.

Over recent years a large number of beach bars and coast-side restaurants have been closed because of tough new legislation introduced by the central administration in Madrid and supported by the Balearic government.

Hundreds of people took part in a march to save the Bungalow restaurant after it was issued with a demolition order. The owners say that their restaurant has been on this site for many years and therefore they do not understand why it had to be demolition now.