A video and photographs of before and after work began on restoring Son Bunyola and the new General Manager Vincent Padioleau with Jon Brown, the current CEO and Managing Director of Virgin Limited Edition. | Virgin Limited Edition

Sir Richard Branson has given a warm welcome to guests coming to stay at his new luxury retreat in Mallorca.

Welcome to Son Bunyola, my favourite Mallorcan retreat. From here you can appreciate the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean from the tranquillity of your own private villa or our beautiful new hotel. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I always do,” he states on the property’s official website.

The project is finally coming together after 20 years and demonstrates Branson’s love for the island and belief in Mallorca as a leading luxury holiday destination.

Sir Richard’s love affair with the island stretches back some 60 years and, after having sold Son Bunyola and his world famous hotel La Residencia in Deia in 2002 after a conflict of interests with the local authorities over his plans for Son Bunyola, he was able to buy the estate in Son Bunyola back in 2015.

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After he first bought La Residencia in 1987, he transformed the hotel into one of the must luxurious and popular in the world and it was a mecca for the rich and famous, not to mention royalty, such as the late Lady Diana, the Emperors of Japan and the Spanish royal family, leading lights from the worlds of art, culture and music and leading politicians, and guests from all over the world who, to this day, return to the hotel every year.

And now, Sir Richard intends to return the Branson touch to Mallorca at a time when the island needs a welcome boost as it emerges from the pandemic.

For Banyalbufar it will mean major investment, scores of new jobs and place the idyllic village on the global map and help Mallorca showcase the beauty of the Tramuntana.

Mallorca has long held a very special place in my heart, I first visited it when I was a child, so my love affair spans more than 60 years now! I have taken much delight over the years in bringing my own children and now their young families to Mallorca too – who in turn now have their own love for the island. My son Sam even named his own daughter, Eva-Deia, after the beautiful village of Deia.

The northwest coast of Mallorca in particular has always been a location that I have great fondness for. When I first visited Deia, I couldn’t help but resist its charm. It’s where I developed my very first hotel, La Residencia, back in 1987 with Kristin and Axel. The region has some of the most historical and picturesque towns on the island. I feel grounded in nature and the Tramuntana mountain range has such breathtaking scenery and I love swimming in the crystal-clear sea in the summer.” he told the Bulletin.

And now, Son Bunyola will open its doors next summer.