Construction of the new hotel is well under way. | GOB

Environmentalists GOB have filed a 'denuncia' with Pollensa town hall in respect of the redevelopment of the Hotel Formentor. GOB are demanding an immediate halt to work and a "mandatory" opening of proceedings for a "serious infringement" of planning regulations as set out in the Balearic law for urban planning.

According to the environmentalists, there is at present "no evidence" that the town hall has granted a licence for the construction of the new hotel; it has now reached an "advanced stage" of construction. The complaint also maintains that the town hall has not approved any project for a "reparcelling" of land. A further claim is that there are "numerous illegal buildings" that have not been demolished and which, so long as they remain, would therefore make the granting of a new licence unfeasible.

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Tomeu Cifre, the councillor for urban planning, insists that the town hall has acted correctly and wonders whether GOB are interested in "entering the election campaign".

This is the second complaint related to the hotel that GOB have presented. The first was in November 2022 and followed the town hall signing of the demolition licence.

The owners of the hotel have not commented. The hotel is now scheduled to reopen in April 2024.