THE United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) won scores of council seats yesterday and are on course to win at least one seat at the next general election in Britain next year. Yes, you heard right, according to Sky News, UKIP may win one seat. Now, that is a real political earthquake! A single seat in a parliament of 650 seats! And despite all the rhetoric from UKIPleader Nigel Farage, UKIP, does not control a single council. I think this rather puts the whole story in perspective. For once I agree with the Labour Party, which claimed yesterday that the media had helped UKIP with all their coverage. And if UKIPwon I would say that Labour lost. Poor Labour leader Ed Miliband needed a good result and he didn´t get it and the knives are already said to be out in the Labour Party, a year before the general election. While the Conservatives were well aware of the UKIP threat, Labour wasn´t. If only they had bothered to listen to Farage they would have discovered that he was actually targetting their voters with his pledge to help those on low incomes. It wasn´t a good night for the Conservatives but I suspect that some Tories will be relatively happy that losses were contained in some areas. And another nightmare night for the Liberal Democrats. But with a low turnout and an anti-political feeling in Britain these results were expected. The general election will be different and you never know, UKIP might just take a seat!