Puerto Soller bay. | Rachel Fox


‘Give us Peace’

Soller has continued at breakneck speed this week with some days requiring serious organisation. To get all the schools of the Soller Valley into the town square at 11 am last Thursday is a case in point. The square was laid with rolls of thin carpet so that hundreds of children could sit on it for the ceremonies. They poured in from all corners of the square as their schools are scattered in the town. The tiny ones, with their aprons on, all holding on to the guide rope caused the biggest sigh and ‘almost’ tear. They looked so small and sweet. Everyone was gathered for the ‘Day of Peace and Non Violence.’

Day of Peace and Non Violence

Every school had prepared a banner to be unfurled from the Town Hall balcony. Every child had put their painted handprint on the banner for their school. This was to show universal support for Peace and Non violence. The children from the three year olds to those just about leaving school at 18 were all there ready to sing. The peace song was led by the guitar from the stage and the sweet music of hope and promise filled the air. I was amongst a group of mums and grandmothers and between us there were tears shed. This was a very moving and hopeful ceremony. The sight of all the school community of our Valley was overwhelming in its poignancy.

Day of Peace and Non Violence

As the children left and the carpets were rolled away the quiet January square was left. A coffee in the local restaurant which changed hands at the same minute as Brexit was my pleasure. A coincidence of timing as this very Solleric bar sold itself to an adjoining hotel. It did mean that they had a leaving party with happy hour pricing. I think some used it as their Brexit commiseration or celebration party. The Ex Pats came out on Friday night to raise a glass to the future – whatever lies ahead.

Also on Friday the great and the good in the cycling world dominated our square. For this event a stage had been erected and a huge amount of work was undertaken to make the starting line in the heart of Soller. The place was rammed from 10.30 am with bikes, riders, support vehicles and the TV crews.

This race starts the European season for 2020 and it all comes from downtown little Soller! I saw the bikes whoosh past me on the main road just after 11.30 and then it was the 163 km ride for the sports people. Soller quickly got itself back to normal again but the work involved cannot be underestimated for all these events.

Now it is February and the Soller Train has restarted. This is just in time for those who love to make the blossom trip before the petals fade. The mini heat wave we have had just make all the early visitors anxious to be out and about and even on the beach. They still look at us in disbelief as we have our coats and scarves on. We equally look at them with the same look at their shorts and t shirts. We know only too well what happens when the sun goes down and we need to keep the scarf near at hand.

Almond blossom

The February weather forecast is amazing and anyone arriving now can be forgiven for thinking that it is spring. The Town Council are on the case and music in the square is happening in the square in Fornalutx next Saturday. They will be swinging the night away to ‘ Monkey Doo’. This is one of the things I love about this place. If the weather is good lets have a party, if it rains and an event is cancelled lets book it for next week. That is the reason you never know what you are going to happen by here in the Soller Valley.

There is no corporate nature in the events planning here except for significant dates around major fiestas. Anything can happen any time and on any street corner. This of course, comes with consequences, which I know only too well. The messages to Sollerweb about predicting events for the month of someone’s holiday flow in thick and fast to our office. I have every sympathy for those booking trips to coincide with events but we often can’t give specific information because it hasn’t been decided yet.

Enjoy the lovely Spring weather and the fiestas and parties – Good to be alive in February in the Soller Valley…