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Dear visitors,

We cannot wait to see you again. We hope that you will have an amazing holiday in Majorca, the island has never looked more beautiful, it had a wonderful rest whilst we all stayed inside for March, April and May, Did you know that we stayed in our houses for 50 days? It was pretty tough. We were under house arrest, from one day to the next on March 15th, with no time to prepare for what was to come. So much uncertainty and miscommunication about the rules, with the Guardia Civil patrolling the streets, handing out fines to anyone breaking those rules. Our children were locked up in their homes, regardless of if they had some outdoor space they could be in or not. We had to justify our trips out, going shopping for food or medicines, or being outside for 50 metres to give the dog a chance to go to the toilet was all we were permitted to do.

Strangely, already, a lot of us don’t seem to remember it so well. The feeling of anxiety about the virus, the awful, stress-filled trips to the supermarket. I would come back from those trips fizzing with adrenaline. I could taste it whilst I was unloading the shopping wondering if I should bleach the cartons of milk before I put them in my home. Sometimes I would leave the shopping outside in the sunshine for a while because I had read somewhere that the sun killed viruses. When I took my dogs out for a walk I would wash their feet in soapy water and rinse them in clear when we arrived home. They hated that. And then there is the financial situation. I have lost thousands of euros worth of work, as events and projects have been cancelled due to the uncertainty of the situation. But I didn't get any help from the government, so I had to borrow some money instead. That has been hard as well. Everyone living here has had to face challenges. We have lost people to the virus, and we have lost people to the stress and anxiety that living under these circumstances created.

The country has pulled through though, all 47 million of us in Spain. We did what we were told, and we broke the back of the virus. The toughest lockdown in Europe, apparently. In March our contagion levels had got out of hand and the strict rules were the only way to give us a chance, and we did it. Some of us hated it, some of us loved it, some of us ate our way through it and others learnt a skill. But we did it. Together. I wonder though if our incoming visitors will really understand the levels we went to keep ourselves and our communities safe. As an island dependent on tourism we need the income, my clients need the income, I need the income, but there could be a high price to pay if our visitors bring the virus with them. We’ve read the stories and seen the TV reports of much easier lockdowns in other countries, and we are all still wondering, did we do the right thing or did they? By opening our island up to visitors again will they be bringing anything unwanted with them?

So, dear, much-needed visitors, please be aware of this law; if you can’t socially distance from other people when you are out and about then you must wear a mask, so please don’t make a fuss about it, suck it up and deal with it. We have ALL made mistakes, myself included, but we must keep trying to maintain that distance to keep each other safe. If you feel ill don’t wait until you get home to get checked out, do it right away. The longer you leave it the more people could be affected. There is a free testing system, just go to your local health centre where you are staying.

We want you to have a lovely holiday but the sacrifices of our liberty, income and sanity over the last months cannot and must not go to waste. I know that I am not on my own, plenty of other people who live on the island have had to fight to survive this crisis. And we really need you to come to see us, we want you to relax and enjoy the sunshine and the beaches, the food and hospitality that is so perfectly Majorcan, but please don’t be offended that we probably won’t be hugging or kissing you, And don’t forget your mask, or your hand sanitiser. Please.

Lots of love,

Majorca. Xxx