Spring day in Mallorca. | Joan Taberner


A new month and things are starting to look better; I am very happy that January and February went by quickly. I could even sit down and have a coffee on the square in my little village on Tuesday morning. I can admit I have had extreme amounts of coffee since then.

Something I took for granted before and now feels like luxury. I took a long walk in Palma this week and saw several new places that have changed owners during the crisis. Exciting to see that people still have courage. Hopefully, we can continue to support all local businesses in the coming weeks. I do see hope in people’s eyes now but of course there is still a lot that needs to improve before we can say it is all ok now in Mallorca.

The most sought-after trips during the month of February according to the Swedish travel site Resfeber.se show that Spain is at the top, followed by Thailand, Turkey, and the USA. It is true that the Canary Islands have a lead on the Balearics, but we are coming strong and with new numbers that looks very positive. The only setback, for now, is that Norway this week cancelled all flights outside Scandinavia until May. But there are still alternative flight companies to travel with Lufthansa and SAS, to mention a couple. The virus is hitting Sweden hard now. For the first time since the pandemic started, the Swedish health department has some new recommendations for example: a maximum of 500 persons in one shop at a time, or that you can only sit one person per table in the restaurants.

For a Scandinavian, Mallorca in March with 15-20 degrees is like a summer day or at least enough to give the spirit of life a push in the right direction. Travel agencies that have survived the pandemic reported 600% up in sales in the last week of February. In a critic’s eyes I would say that’s easily done if you go from 0 bookings to at least having a few. I spoke to a Norwegian hotel owner from Palma last week and she said it is too early to crack open the Cava to celebrate the season of 2021. Hopefully, she and others will be able to do that soon.

Funny enough I met a group of 6 tourists in my local supermarket yesterday evening. I know that for sure, as they were all wearing shorts and t-shirt while the locals had winter jackets on. I could tell they were somewhere from the south of Germany as I do speak the language. Reason I know they are tourists was because they bought 6 bottles of gin and vodka and a pack of hotdogs and paid in cash with a big note on a Thursday evening in March. Outside in the carpark I saw the minivan that said “Malle 2021”, so it seems like they drove here from Germany. They did all wear masks and tried to talk English with the staff in the shop, it felt strange and unusual but in a good way. We all did smile behind our masks.

Monday midday a dear neighbour called me and said they had “a challenge”, I have known them for many years and we go back to the days when I used to work in the Marriott Son Antem property just outside the village.

A Challenge in Marriott language is code for a BIG problem. I drove over to see what was up and in the garden of their finca I saw their car had a strange angle, like it was on 3 wheels. “What did you do, drive the car in to a hole?” I asked. The smell that came out around the car was not spring flowers. They had managed to drive their car over the cesspool and a part of the roof had fallen in. The car was stuck and we had to call a tow truck, plus another friend to come and see if there was anyway to repair the damage so they would be able to use their bathroom again. Simple things you do take for granted until something happens. Finca life chapter § 250 I could write a book about crazy things that can happen when you buy a house in Mallorca.

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