Aniol Esteban | PERE BOTA

“We have a rich and diverse sea, a source of well-being and wealth that must be preserved,” says the Foundation’s Director, Aniol Esteban.

What is the role of the foundation in this promotion?
“Marilles has financed the cost of production, design and printing of the posters entirely with the aim of bringing people closer to the fascinating marine world that hides under the waters of the Balearic Sea. A world that unfortunately remains a great unknown, but that is within everyone’s reach. Let’s hope that the posters arouse curiosity and encourage people to get to know the marine fauna of the Balearic Islands, and to put their heads under the water.”

Where did the idea come from?
“The posters are adapted from the mini-field guides that Toni Llobet, who’s one of the best naturalist illustrators in the world, has been producing for years with the Cossetania publishing house.”

How has the initiative been developed?
“The process consisted of identifying the best group of experts for species that were selected and agreeing on the information for each one. Dr Kike Ballesteros probably has the best knowledge of marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean and he’s played a key role. Then we collaborated with the Natural History Society in the Balearic Islands, to make sure all the information was adapted to the characteristics of the Balearics.”

Why Collaborate with the media?
“Collaboration with the media is essential for an initiative like this. The media plays a very important role in our society and has a lot of responsibility. From the minute Marilles was founded we’ve collaborated really well with all media outlets in the Balearic Islands and the support we receive from Grup Serra and other media outlets is essential to achieving the collective goal of conserving the Balearic Sea.”

What is the main objective of this promotion?
“To inspire more educational and recreational activity and contact with the coast and the sea. There are many educational resources available but there is a shortage of direct experience in the marine world, especially amongst the younger population. This promotion aims to remind us that the Balearic Sea is rich and diverse and it’s a source of wealth, well-being and prosperity that must receive the attention it deserves to keep it in excellent condition. We hope that they will bring a little colour and hope in this time of crisis and help to put the sea at the centre of economic recovery plans for a more sustainable tourism model.”

“In addition to Toni Llobet and Kike Ballesteros we have been collaborating with the Balearic Natural History Society, which is made up of an amazing group of experts in the Balearic natural world, including President, Toni Grau; Society member, Francesc Riera and biologist Elvira Mayol, to name a few.”