Jonas Skov with his paintings. | Jonas Skov


I had a phone call this week from a friend I have not talked to in a long time. He’s a wedding photographer and we have done some amazing work together in previous years. Last time we worked together was on a Swedish wedding, he as the head photographer and me as a celebrant in Jumeirah Puerto Soller. I asked him how he was post 2020, and he laughed.

“What we have been through the past year is the most traumatic crisis in modern history. We are not old enough to have lived through a war however in many ways, this has been just as traumatic as an atomic bomb. Many have died, and those who live have changed forever and we will never get back to life as it was 2019 for good and bad. I am very happy to say I still have my family, we have food on our table, and I know that with patience we will be able to work again, maybe not this year but for sure next.”

Wow he compares the last year with a war, I thought, well I have watched several war series on Netflix the past year and I must say I do feel luckier than the people in these series Homeland for example. My life is not too bad if you compare it to Carrie Mathison’s. At least no one has tried to shoot me yet, and I can still live in the same country as my kids. That is a luxury! It is difficult to take in that we are 5 months into this year, and we are still walking around with masks on and some people more afraid than others. You must always be careful when you meet someone that you have not seen for a while. Do they want to interact or not? Do we greet by elbow or not at all? So much inner stress going on.

We have learned so much about appreciating small things that we took for granted in the “old normal life.” I for one have made a very cosy coffee corner in my garden and the ultimate luxury is sitting down with a nice café con leche and a visiting friend.

People who live in the Nordic countries have not really understood the extent of the pandemic in Mallorca. A client called me the other day and said to me – Yes I get that you do not have tourists but, “no matter how challenging the workday is in Mallorca, you can always tuck a bottle of Rose wine in the bag on the way home from work and stop at the beach and have an amazing after work session watching the Mediterranean blue sea.” I know some people do that. But to me that comment felt like a low shot below the belt.

Speaking of Scandinavians that have changed their way of living due to the crisis I would like to tell you about artist Jonas Skov from Denmark. Like so many others his life drastically changed in 2020. Jonas has been working the past 18 years in tourism as a director for a large tourist company in Mallorca.

He explains “Overnight Covid took everything we knew away, and I awoke to a new world. I was humbled and the day-to-day struggles are still a reality, but time has helped me put things into perspective. Do what you love, and I love to paint.”

Jonas specialises in bright, colourful, abstract art, and has shown his work in galleries and studios around Spain. His art is currently being displayed at Maria Genovards studio in Arta. He creates his own colourful vision of the world one brushstroke at the time.
But there is more, Jonas have seen people close to him suffer because of the crisis and decided that he want to help more so he has started a project he calls “The great human”. By selling a limited edition printed art that is signed by the artist, he provides aid to Barber Angels and SOS Mama in Mallorca, two well-known charities that provide food and other essentials to families in need all over the island. The posters cost 100€ plus package and his first goal is to sell 15 packs, this way Jonas can help to feed around 150 families in Majorca for a month.

We should mention as well that all the shopping for the families is done at the local Agromart shop to a reduced price.

Local help to local people and business owners. I recommend you visit Jonas on his web -

Perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea!

I had heard that there was a new place for Brunch in Puerto Soller and after some investigating and calling to make sure they had a table for us, we went to visit Sally and her business partner Rachel at the new Lemon Pie Tearoom in the port for a lovely brunch. They have only been open for a few months and on what is on a normal year a very busy street in the port. It has been years since I enjoyed a breakfast like that. We tried Poached eggs on lovely soda bread with avocado and of course Eggs Benedict’s, with coffee in beautiful cups and a fresh Soller orange juice as well. It is a great place to spend your Sunday morning, but a word of warning, please reserve your table to make sure you are not disappointed as the place is small, everything homemade, very popular and totally delicious. Sally mentioned that they do have lunch service, they make a fantastic afternoon tea, there is a wide range of take away food as well – perfect when you want to come up to Puerto Soller for a lazy afternoon at the beach and want to enjoy a picnic on the beach.