Buzzard in Mallorca. archive photo. | Alfredo Martinez


Around 20 pairs of buzzards have settled in the south and southwest of Mallorca, according to ornithologist Jordi Muntaner.

The buzzard is a medium-sized bird of prey, which is 46-58 centimetres long, has a wingspan of up to 132 centimetres and weighs just under one kilo.

It was first thought to be breeding in Esporles in 2008, but that wasn’t confirmed until 2011. In 2015 a second couple was detected in Marratxí and a third pair was spotted in Llucmajor a year later.

Since then these birds have spread throughout the south and southwest quadrants of the island and last summer, the Ministry of the Environment confirmed buzzard sightings in Mondragó Natural Park.

Jordi Muntaner has confirmed that there are about 10 pairs nesting, another four are probably nesting and at least three others are possibly nesting.

"The buzzard has established itself as a new reproductive species and it will probably spread to a large part of the Island over the coming years," he said. “Mallorca offers a very suitable habitat for buzzards who feed on mice, lizards and small birds.”

The birds are usually spotted in high places, sitting on fences and electricity poles, waiting patiently for possible prey to appear.

Muntaner denies that the presence of buzzards in Mallorca could be detrimental to other species.