Another Christmas, and yes, shall I say the words, another Covid Christmas? Of course, nothing like last year, so far, but the subject is still uppermost in our minds. We are all waiting for the axe to fall after the season is over and we pay for our family gatherings. As I write this people are still coming and going and long may that last.

Meanwhile back here in the bunker its cold at night so there is no concern about not going out. In fact that is the biggest problem with lovely sunshine days. When the sun finally sets behind the mountain we are freezing. The spirit is willing to meet for that 6 pm drink but the flesh is pretty weak.

New rules for Christmas?

All eyes and ears are on the announcements from the Government on Wednesday. Palma has already cancelled some of its Christmas Events and Soller is waiting for the new rules. At present there is a whole festive programme but we are already thinking intensive TV and jigsaws. A major disappointment will be if the big parties in the Square are closed for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

SOLLER . NAVIDAD. Caliu de Nadal. Dissabte Marcel¬?lv? Got fou l¬øencarregat d¬øencendre els llums

Future is looking bright

The revamping of our main street is occupying lots of chatter. The vision is to get rid of pavements and have one flat road. This design is used in many places now and gives public space at the drop of a hat. For the businesses in our main prestigious street of the Gran Via the future is looking very bright. Hotels and shops will be able to spread more into the outside as a ‘Boulevard’ takes shape and chairs and tables arrive. This street with its tree lined background just lends itself to this. All part of the ultimate aim to make Soller Centre a walkers paradise with lots of stop off points for refreshments. The new walking link from the main bus stop to the Gran Via will be another big plus.

All these ideas have been in the talking and planning stage for so long and now they are actually happening. The summer visitors of 2022 are going to notice quite a change. Meanwhile the future, as in 10 to 15 years’ time, is already on the list for discussions. This is fascinating as it involves predictions for population size changes and the number of elderly being looked after at the time. The census gives us far more detailed information but birth rate numbers are crucial for all the plans.

So much chatter in these weeks when people are not working. Their input to the many debates in political circles is crucial. They can only be ‘would be politicians’ for a few weeks a year. Many of the views from the workers perspective are encouraged by local politicians looking for new ideas and solutions.

Christmas Lottery

Meanwhile down Puerto Soller the situation is a little more muted. The locals try hard with their alternative Christmas Tree and decorations but its ‘one blink and you miss them’. There is always rivalry about how much is spent on the town and the Port here, but this year it is louder than ever. Currently the lunchtime trade in the sunshine is doing well, but come 6pm it is a ghost town.

El Gordo takes place tomorrow and this is a day of great excitement in Soller. All the lottery tickets bought in anticipation of this famous Christmas Lottery come out. This lottery is said to pay out the most in prize money and shared tickets of the past have made communities very rich. At 20 euros for one full ticket it is not the cheapest lottery in town. Most people buy a ticket here and there in the course of a year. I am the proud possessor of two tickets so I will be checking in over the hours it takes to do the draw.

The lottery of life is what concerns us most this year. Just as you thought the worst of the Covid stuff was over it bounces back for a little longer. I wonder what we will be saying in December 2022? I fear we may be having the same conversations unless the ‘rest of the world’ is helped to get the vaccinations. This still seems like the elephant in the room in political conversations. Hope that changes very soon…