Seascape. | Rachel Fox


When the word Covid wasn’t in our vocabulary we lived our lives. Occasionally a news item would happen which alerted us that one day we would meet a super bug which would be resistant to anti biotics. Other scientists said that we should have taken more notice of the SARS outbreaks on the other side of the world. They warned that one day it might reach us. Then it did…

The last two years have taken us on a journey we didn’t expect to have to take. People have died, been very ill and some continue to live with the long term effects of this super bug. We have words in our vocabulary we had never heard of and we continue to learn every day about the consequences of having lived in this time. There are many, from the change in all human relationships to the financial consequences of being unable to work and sustain our economies. The effects of mental health issues and bank balances are there for all to see.

Holiday season

The resilience and bounce back capabilities are just about to be unleashed with the opening of the holiday season in many countries. For us, in this place, we are watching our beginning as the Soller Valley is ready to do what it does best. This is the week we have been working towards when at least 50% of our hotels and many restaurants have reopened. They have all turned their faces to the sun and said, ‘you are very welcome’.

Our beautiful valley.

Pay negotiations and contracts have been worked on behind the scenes and new laws mean that most workers should have an official contract this year. This is great news and gives a new stability to the employment scene. There is still much to be argued over but for now staff are largely in situ here ready to start work.

For some hotels and restaurants this is a particular learning curve as every one of their employees are new. To recruit a new team is a huge challenge but that is the effect of Brexit and reluctance to travel. In many ways this is a unique opportunity for good employers to create a new world for their brand and their staff. These changes are challenging but could bring great rewards to all, including the delight of the customers.

Price rise

Much has been talked of in recent week about the prices which will be charged. Pay rises, electricity and gas increases plus the cost of food all contribute to the end price which has to be charged for the experience.

On track...

The Soller Valley visitors arriving now are half term families and sports groups. Walkers and cyclists love this time of year and arrive in packs. The romance of Valentines week allows special dining and this is the first test of the prices to be charged in this sector.


When our friends arrive back here we know that some will have not been here for two years or more. They will find some changes as the builders have been busy with renovations to houses and some repairs to roads. New shop fronts and a new quality brush has swept over the place. Small boutique hotels have appeared in Soller and the last two years have seen the time used for improvements in others.

To build or not to build…

On the sea front all eyes turn to the sea for the summer. The Marina is finished now and is a great base for visiting yachts. Those wanting a day out to sea on fine boats or fishing Llauts will find everything they need right here. The phones are ringing and bookings being made as we speak. The Holiday planning this year is second to none as everyone wants to squeeze the best out of every day they are with us. They are truly attempting to make up for lost holiday time.

Roadworks continue…

The Soller Valley people add their touch to the gifts nature has endowed. The sun, the beaches, the mountains, the walks, the swims and the air are free to all. To enable all to get the best out of those gifts is where the Humans of Mallorca come in. They all want you to have the best time in our place in the universe and send you home with an overflowing box of wonderful holiday memories.