Our area has distinctive landmarks which adorn advertising hoardings worldwide. The Church and surrounding beauty of Biniaraix was used on many Marks and Spencer campaigns. Soller’s train and tram are among the most photographed icons of the Valley and spring up on displays, magazines and all over the internet on travel pages.

The word ‘saturation’ comes to mind but not for the new generation. These are the people who continue to find us year on year. The difference this year (according to many who contact us on Sollerweb) is that after not travelling, many are choosing to visit places they got to know online in the Lockdown. The Soller Valley is definitely benefitting from the research done at that time.

There is said to be millions in the banks of some who saved during the Covid stay at home. Some of these people are really going to travel this year to make up for lost time and spend some of the money. Some had plans for adventures far and wide but recent world events have put them off going too far to start with. The Balearics are at the top of the list in visitors travel plans.

The Soller Valley entrepreneurs have done their research and the future of the ‘take away’ is the most noticeable change. Many visitors will enjoy the choice this gives them to have their lunch deliveries to the beach or their dinner to collect as they go back to their holiday apartment or villa. To use our fine restaurants is the reason many choose to come here to holiday. Our food reputation is already out there for the foodies who do their fact finding.
In a time of financial crisis for many with average prices for most things going up by 30% it is difficult to make accurate predictions on how people will spend their money. The ‘take away’ kings seem very certain that they will capitalise on this market.

Citrus Valley

The Orange Fair has started in Soller with many restaurants offering Orange Menus until 3rd April 2022. The price in the majority of participating restaurants is 25 euros going up to 40 for a few who think they are worth it. The history of the special orange menus have always allowed people to visit very special restaurants for a reasonable price.

Scooby inspects the orange harvest

This year the price is not in that category and has moved up to the ‘special occasion’ section, which is a real shame. The weekend of 2nd & 3rd April is when all the events will be centred in Soller Square and Fornalutx and will be a glorious mix of orange and lemon. The Citrus Valley will be putting on its best show.

Housing the refugees

Some of our Soller friends are already housing refugees from the Ukraine. The grapevine tells us how kind and welcoming everyone has been. A steady flow of people are arriving in Mallorca now and will settle all over the island once they have completed their paperwork in Palma. Some of them will be part of our summer workforce and will be gladly received.

Soller oil

The Olive Trees are the chatter in Soller this week. All around us we have acres of trees producing our famous olives for Soller oil. The locals have maximum respect for this farming and nurture the trees as their ancestors did. Consternation in the Valley comes from the arrival of new property owners who have had all their trees pruned to become a field of ornamental designed sculptures.

No longer any good to grow an olive and instead have become an olive sculpture park. This trend has been around on the mainland for some time and laws have been implemented to ban this practise. It is not currently against the law in Majorca but many think it should be. The owners, when challenged say they had bought a field of neglected and run down trees which were not currently producing olives. They can’t see they have done anything wrong at all.

And it was all yellow

There is room for the old and the new is the story of the week. Everyone has a vision and a view. Some quickly get absorbed into the Soller Valley way and others will cause the chatter to linger.