Etiqueta 'Spotlight on Soller'


Discovering the essence of Soller: A local's guide to must-see gems

"A little project for the 'Lonely Planet' guidebook taught me that what readers seem to love most, is a locals view of their favourite things..."

Shirley Roberts10/12/2023 18:45


A glorious week in Soller

The Soller Valley holds magic for many who emerge from the Soller Tunnel into the mountain light and discover our whole new world.

Shirley Roberts23/10/2022 13:09


Humans of Mallorca have changed…

As one of the writers who wrote daily in the pandemic I continue to make my own personal observations of the changes unfolding in the Soller Valley.

Shirley Roberts26/09/2022 02:24

Blue skies in the Port.


Sparkling clean in Soller this week

We are all hoping that after our run of poor weather that Easter will be sunny and glorious.

Shirley Roberts12/04/2022 14:15

What are we doing?


Humans of Mallorca living their best lives

The volunteer effort is in overdrive with organisations, churches and individuals turning up at the Ukrainian Church and other centres with donated goods.

Shirley Roberts10/03/2022 12:06