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The ‘Returners’ are on their way. Sollerics, who now live or study in other places, know where they have to be from 20 August every year. St Bartholomew is the saint of Soller and a huge local fiesta is held in his honour every year at this time. His actual Saints day is 24 August and is said to remember the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in 1572, in France.

Tolo is a very common name round here and is the nickname for anyone called Bartholomew. ‘St Barts’ is an easy abbreviation for the main Church in Soller Square. Local publications refer to this special Church as ‘the Cathedral of the Mountains’. St Barts is a busy working Church and also a community meeting space for concerts and local events. We all know the only Cathedral in Mallorca is in Palma but local people will call their local monuments what they choose.


The hours of voluntary work which goes in to providing this Fiesta gives 'lie to the theory' that people no longer want to celebrate the traditions of the past. A huge local involvement is guaranteed in the weeks of preparation and in the taking part in all the events.

Events happen daily from Saturday 20 to Saturday 27 August when a glorious Band Festival and a Nit of Art brings events to a close. Every night there is music in Soller Square ranging from the most traditional to the sounds of 2022 incorporating an Abba Tribute. Something for everyone from the youngest to the most senior in our community. Art Exhibitions, book launches, poetry reading will fill the time. The Fair comes to town and stalls fill the square with everything from toys to candy floss.


On Wednesday 24 August the Town Band begins the night at 6.30pm with a concert in the Square. This is followed by ‘The Night of Fire’. Demons, drummers and a fire eating dragon sets the scene. Local teenagers dress in water soaked hoodies to ‘run the fire’ and involve themselves for all they are worth.

Soller City Centre is full of local people and those who are home for the holidays. Visitors join from outlying villages and holidaymakers wonder what they have walked in to. In the Firo Fiesta in May the main event needs a wristband to gain entry. This is not the case for this fiesta. Very busy but essentially a local celebration of life and community in this glorious place.

SOLLER - ARTE - Más demedio centenar de creadores plásticos en la Nit de lÂ'Art de Sóller.

As the fire goes out all eyes are on the Nit of Art on Saturday 27 August. The night is given up to Art and Music and one of our most favourite nights of the year. We bring St Barts to a close with this one apart from a few odd events into the following week. This fiesta could easily spread over two weeks and who knows if that will happen one day.

All are welcome to join our special time of year and make your own special memories.