Puerto Soller holding their carnival parade last year. | A. BORRAS

'Things that matter’ as February 2023 starts have been exercising me this week. For many in Mallorca the most important was the win by Mallorca at football over Madrid. Sell out stadium in Palma and every bar, all over Mallorca full of those without tickets, watching the match. This was a great start to the year for local pride.

Things that matter’ is a mantra for us this week as awful events and the loss of a Deya friend made us realise what matters. The celebration of the seasons and life help us to carry on. The magnificent snow moon had all the photographers out and we marvelled at the clear sky views. The children heading up the mountain in family cars to see the remnants left of the snow made for a great Sunday. The blossom emerging on the trees against a backdrop of a perfect blue sky is our February treat.
The Soller train is back on track and the visitors are returning in greater numbers to the Soller Valley. The questions are always asked about which restaurants and hotels are currently open. The answer is that you will not go hungry or not be able to find a hotel room. Lack of choice mean you will have new experiences, but you can still enjoy your time with us.

The walkers and cyclists are here, and they are our harbingers of spring. A harbinger is something that comes before and shows what will follow in the future. The robin is a harbinger of spring in the Soller Valley and so are the sports people of our mountain world. Robins are very territorial and return to the same gardens, a bit like the walkers and cyclists who love the challenges and the hospitality of the Soller experience.

This week has seen the traditions which accompany the elections of the ‘Valiant Women’. Two are selected each year to be the figureheads of the Firo. This commemorates the role women played in the defeat of the pirates on May 11, 1561. Firo is a very important annual event in our world and part of the very fabric. To be chosen as Valiant Women is a high honour and the elections are more significant that anything political for local people. The elections, the bonfire, barbecue, traditional music and dancing are all part of the election process. Meanwhile in the hall the voting registrations and participating are done to the highest standard. I can describe the event to you but to understand the importance can only be achieved if it is part of your DNA.

The creatives are busy in Soller right now. Sewing machines are whirring and the imagination is being given free reign. This is the pre carnival season and the game is on to create the prize-winning entry. The individual entries, schools’ participation and the adults in competitive mode are all part of the Soller Carnival season. The biggest parade happens along the Puerto Soller seafront on Saturday, February 18 2023 from 4 pm. This culminates in a fiesta on the pier and ‘anything goes’. The Children’s Carnival is on Friday, February 17 in Soller centre from 3.30 pm. These are great good natured community events.

The biggest inconvenient news this week is the road surfacing of over 40 roads in Soller. Our roads are in a bad way and finally the money has emerged to do a major road surfacing exercise. This is going to be so inconvenient that the Town Hall are thinking of waiving all parking fees for the duration of the works. There will be many road closures and locals will struggle to park. Don’t take this is as gospel if you come to visit. Check the information on the meters as to whether you must pay or not. We will be delighted to see this work done and will happily accept short term problems.

Time passes and life moves on with its traditions and emerging new issues. This is particularly true of the months before the local elections in May this year. Some manifesto pledges of the last elections remain to be done. Watch this space for more news of our improvements…