Flyr is helping to boost Norwegian tourism.

For statistical purposes and also for promotional and organisational reasons, the Scandinavian tourism markets have always tended to be treated in Mallorca and the Balearics as a single entity. While there clearly are differences from country to country, there have been common trends. One was a disadvantageous exchange rate (for Denmark, Norway and Sweden) over the three years prior to the pandemic. Non-eurozone destinations, such as Turkey, became more attractive. Allied to certain other factors, e.g. the restructuring of Norwegian Airlines, tourism in the Balearics fell by some twenty per cent.

Partly as a consequence of the war in Ukraine but also because of renewed promotional efforts, this tourism is making a comeback. Norway in particular is looking strong for this summer, with Mallorca the "star destination" of the summer. Flyr, the Norwegian low-cost airline that started operations in June last year, is assisting with the revival of Norwegian tourism.

In Sweden, the situation is less buoyant. This is attributed in part to inflation, while there has been a growth in holidays at home and also in Germany because of flights offered by the Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings.

Inflation is also a factor in Denmark. However, bookings for Mallorca and the Balearics are expected to be higher than those in 2019.

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As for Finland, there are more flights to Palma, but bookings at present only suggest numbers close to those of 2019.