Keep a mask at hand while on holiday. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Covid has not gone away and case numbers are on the rise in the UK while parts of Spain and thinking about reintroducing masks indoors.

And, with schools in England breaking up for the summer holidays a week Friday, which is when the Balearics is expecting a surge in British tourists, the never ending threat of Covid can not be ignored.

Should anyone catch Covid while on holiday in the Balearics, or elsewhere in Spain for that matter, the advice and steps to follow are simple.

Visitors arriving in Spain from outside the EU or Schengen zone, such as the United Kingdom, must present proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test result. These requirements do not apply to children under 12 years old.

Visitors who contract Covid while in the country and are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms are no longer required to self-isolate.

They are recommended, however, to wear a face mask for 10 days while in indoor public spaces as well as outdoors if social distancing cannot be maintained and on public transport. They are also asked to practice social distancing for at least a week.

Those with severe Covid symptoms or who are categorised as high risk (those aged 60 or older, pregnant or immunosuppressed) must self-isolate for seven days.

Should any of this happen, contact hotel staff or your tour operator or call the regional hotline which in the Balearics is 900 100 971.