Traveling allows us to build connections and helps us to gain knowledge of each other's culture, food and music, along with a further understanding of the way others go about their daily lives in other parts of the world.

Traveling also improves our mental health, due to the ability it has to transport us into new surroundings, in turn opening up access to experiences that can help reset both our body and mind.

But if travel is not well managed, it can also have the opposite effect by negatively impacting local communities and the environment, which may eventually lead to the decline of tourism in the area in general.

From excessive air miles contributing to harmful CO2 emissions to the package holiday resorts built on open spaces and natural areas, international travel and tourism can sometimes be far from sustainable.

This is why here at DiscoverCars.com, we have explored a number of ranking factors that have an impact on the climate. They include the implications of a return flight to the destination, the total number of hotels offering EV charging points and the number of vegan restaurants the location offers.
We explored ten locations to ascertain which are the most sustainable. We found the most popular tourist destinations by looking at TripAdvisor's most trending destinations of 2022.
We collected data for a number of ranking factors for each location, we wished to highlight the following information in order to help you plan for your next vacation: Closest Airport
  • Climate Impact (Round flight from Heathrow London to the destination) KG CO2
  • Hotels With EV Charging Points
  • Number of Vegan Restaurants
  • Number of Nature Spots
  • Pollution Level
One major factor when exploring how sustainable a destination is its climate impact. We recorded this information by looking at how many kilograms of CO2 a round-trip flight from Heathrow would be to the destination's nearest airport, which we retrieved from atmosfair.

Furthermore, we looked at the air quality of the various destinations which we found information about on The Weather Channel.

Finally, the information we explored for the number of nature spots, vegan restaurants and hotels were all retrieved from Tripadvisor.

We took all of these points into account and assigned each location a score out of 100. We then ranked the destinations by how many points they received, to help you make the most informed decision for your next trip.
The overall rankings
We ranked 20 of 2022's trending holiday destinations in total, the top 10 most sustainable destinations are:

  1. Rhodes (Greece)
  2. Ibiza (Spain)
  3. Majorca (Spain)
  4. Santorini (Greece)
  5. Dubrovnik (Croatia)
  6. La Fortuna de San Carlos (Costa Rica)
  7. Split (Croatia)
  8. Aruba (Aruba)
  9. Zanzibar Island (Tanzania)
  10. Charleston (United States)
Of the 20 locations we explored, the bottom five are:

  1. Goreme (Turkey)
  2. Tulum (Mexico)
  3. Sint Maarten (Caribbean)
  4. Paraty (Brazil)
  5. Arusha (Tanzania)