Tour operators confident of a good September. | Ruiz Collado


Tour operators and airlines are saying that forecasts for September and October are better than had been expected.

Hotel occupancy levels in September are projected to be above 80%. Historically, an average occupancy of around 85% is very good for Mallorca. As to prices, these are unlikely to be reduced because of the costs that hoteliers are facing.

There is much last-minute booking. This does complicate forecasting, the coach operators reckoning that September is at present something of an "unknown" because of the last-minute sales. But they seem to be the exception. As well as the hoteliers and tour operators expressing their optimism, Mallorca's tourist attractions are anticipating a good September. Roberto Darias of the Abactur association says it had looked as if September was going to be a poor month, but online bookings are exceeding expectations for the month.