Ryanair, one of three airlines facing possible Balearic government sanctions. | MDB

The Consubal consumers association in the Balearics says that there have so far been some 4,000 passenger claims against airlines this summer.

These have been for cancellations, delays, loss of luggage and poor management of reservations. Strikes affecting easyJet, Iberia Express and Ryanair have been the main cause of a situation that the Balearic government's head of consumer rights, Jesús Cuartero, referred to at the end of July. "The situation has deteriorated this summer because of flight delays and cancellations and also because of abusive practices that some airlines still adopt."

Cuartero urged consumers to present claims, adding that they will form the basis of sanctions against airlines. His consumer affairs ministry, Consubal and the AESA state aviation safety agency all received claims and complaints during August.

Alfonso Rodríguez of Consubal anticipates that the number of claims will continue to increase progressively this month, "mainly due to the impact of labour disputes at foreign low-cost airlines". On Thursday, the association held an online information session for those affected by delays and cancellations, "so that they can exercise their rights against the airlines".