A different view of Mallorca from a tractor. | Julian Aguirre

Since Wednesday, members of the Porsche Traktorfahrer Club have been in Mallorca. They have been riding their tractors, prices of which range between 30,000 and 100,000 euros, on secondary roads, stopping off at markets and restaurants in inland villages.

Based at the rural hotel Es Riquers in Porreres, they set off each morning and do around a hundred kilometres. "It's unhurried and we can enjoy the scenery," says Alexander Mauz, the club's president.

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The visit had originally been planned for 2020 but was cancelled because of the pandemic. "We usually make four trips through Germany or Austria. On this occasion we decided to come to Mallorca because of our friend Jürgen Braunwarth. He has a house in Montuïri as well as a Porsche tractor, which he uses for work in the fields. Many of us already knew Mallorca and we love it."

The tractors arrived on the island from Stuttgart via Barcelona. None of them are used for farming and working in the fields. "They are restored or cared for like jewels. We only take them out for rides," adds Alexander. "I don't come from the world of agriculture. My hobby started when my son was born and he liked tractors. So the first of the four I bought was this 1960 Porsche Diesel Super V. It cost 15,000 marks and now it's worth 30,000 euros."

Twenty-three of the 55 club members are in Mallorca. They are delighted to discover Mallorca from a tractor view. "It's higher than a car and at a different speed. The landscape looks different. Even the countryside smells different, and the people, as we pass through the villages, are very friendly."