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Mallorca tourism


When is a limit not a limit?

The government cannot impose a limit as it doesn’t have the means to control the entry of people to the Balearics.

Andrew Ede17/02/2023 14:02

Bar terrace in Menorca

Majorca tourism

Balearics tourism in 2022 - only 397 fewer tourists

Foreign tourism in the Balearics compared with 2019 was much higher than for the whole of Spain.

Andrew Ede03/02/2023 07:25

Prime Minister Sánchez and others at the Fitur tourism fair in Madrid

Majorca tourism

The Balearics will have "an excellent tourism season"

The Spanish government is upbeat and so is the Balearic government.

Andrew Ede20/01/2023 19:22

Rosana Morillo, Spain's secretary-of-state for tourism

Majorca tourism

No tourism price war for the Balearics

"The strategy of the Balearic tourism sector has not been to compete on prices with Turkey or Egypt."

Andrew Ede04/01/2023 19:20

Tourists in Formentor, Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Balearics tourist numbers, greater than most countries

Foreign tourism recovery in the Balearics has outstripped the European average by 15%.

Andrew Ede01/12/2022 07:46