Ibiza is particularly expensive in summer. | MDB

Inter-island summer tourism by Balearic residents is becoming increasingly expensive and less attractive. In July and August last year there was a five per cent decrease. The downward trend has continued this summer.

Partly though, the decrease that was observable in 2022 reflected a growth in taking holidays in the Balearics during the pandemic.

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Pedro Fiol, president of the Aviba association of travel agencies says: "It is true that there was a travel boom motivated by health restrictions, but residents are travelling less and less between islands during the high season because of the high costs. Travelling in July or August means the same expense as going abroad." He adds that the length of stay is also becoming shorter - it is typically just a weekend.

Hoteliers in Menorca and Ibiza agree that the other seasons are more attractive to residents. Summer holidays have become secondary. The president of the Ibizan hoteliers, Ana Gordillo, adds that residents look to enjoy the islands when there are fewer people. Overcrowding is another reason for not travelling in high summer.