Eurowings is the main carrier from Germany. | Patricia Lozano


There is talk of hotels in certain Mallorcan resorts, ones popular with German visitors, remaining open until the start of December. This is because of high demand from the German market, which - as shown by tourist figures up to July at least - has not suffered the downturn caused by economic circumstances that had been predicted. (German tourism increased 12% in July compared with 2022.)

The DRV travel association in Germany says that bookings since mid-August have exceeded expectations, while the programming for Palma airline seats is more than two per cent higher this October than last.

However, flight activity for October isn't really a guide. Airlines switch to their winter schedules towards the end of October, and the AEFCA association for the coordination of slots hasn't yet issued data for November and December. This said, the likes of Jet2, Ryanair and TUI are planning more flights and seats for Spain in general; the number of Ryanair seats is set to increase by 18% compared with the last low season.

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So, it is looking as if there will be more available seats than last year, but will this have much of an impact on the resorts? It's doubtful.

The fact is that we tend to hear this sort of talk every year, and it has been the case that some resort hotels have stayed open into November for many a year. But only some, and then they generally close by the middle of November. All-winter opening is most evident in Playa de Palma, and even there the number of hotels is low. A focus on the resorts tends to overlook what happens in the island's interior and the establishments that are open as well as in the old centre of Palma.

The figures for last November highlight the extent to which Mallorca relies on the German market and on the Spanish. There were 239,272 tourists. Of these, 81,564 were German and 89,997 were Spanish. The UK contributed just over 14,000.

A factor which is going to condition activity in November and for the whole of the winter season is what's occurring with arrangements for Imserso. The programme for the sale of holidays for Spanish pensioners has been paralysed by the tribunal for contractual disputes following a legal challenge to terms by one of the providers.