United's first flight to Palma in May this year. | Miquel À. Cañellas

The Balearic government is working on developing flights with the US so that all-year service to Palma is provided. This would mean involving more airlines than just United with their New York route, which is from May to September.

United have announced that they will be maintaining the same schedule as this year in 2024 - three flights per week. The fact that the airline has also announced that it will be flying daily to Malaga from May 2 until September 25 next year can either be looked on as a setback for Mallorca or as pointing to ever greater opportunities.

The government believes it is the latter, the goal being to maintain at least the three weekly summer flights and to add one or two per week in the low season.

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The director of the Aetib tourism strategy agency, Pere Joan Planas, says that one possible way forward is to create packages which include travel to the other islands.

The intention is not to compete with Malaga but to consolidate the progress made over the last two years and go further in attracting new visitors. The government has in mind Canadian airlines as well as US.

It was reported recently that American Airlines is considering a Miami to Palma route. Doubts have since been raised as to whether this will become a reality.