United planes fly from Newark Airport. | Timothy Fadek

United Airlines plans to increase capacity of its planes on the New York-Palma route by 12% next season. Following what the airline describes as having been a year of consolidation of the route that started in 2022, results have been positive enough to increase capacity in response to growing demand.

For next year, United will operate a Boeing 767-400ER on the Palma route. This has capacity for 240 passengers, 26 more than the 767-300 that has been used until now. Antonio De Toro, Country Sales Manager in Spain for United, says: "The Mallorca brand is growing in the US and so is Ibiza, which until now was almost better known."

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He adds that the interests of US travellers go beyond sun and beach and are oriented towards gastronomy, culture and sport. "For sun and beach they have travelled a great deal to the Caribbean. When they go to Europe they look for something more."

The dates and frequencies in 2024 will be as they were this year: three weekly flights - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - between May 25 and September 25.

De Toro explains that the Palma route started earlier and finished later this year and that the decisive factor has to be the profitability of the flights. In this respect, there is the possibility of increasing flights in 2025. "If we see that demand continues to increase in 2024, I don't see why United is going to miss that opportunity."