Summer 2024 is already in the planning for many. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Union Jack beach towel was flying over Balearic hotels in July because for the first time in a number of years there were more British tourists than Germans in the Balearics.

And according to the German travel industry, an early rush on bookings for summer 2024 in Turkey is being experienced with demand outstripping that for the Balearics and Spain in general.

In July in the Balearics it was the British who won the battle of the beach towel with 638,000 British tourists coming to the islands compared to 611,000 Germans. Britain was the Number 1 market for the Balearics.

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The Germans appear to be paying the penalty for their economic woes and while more Germans did come on holiday here the increase was lower than the 10 percent surge in British tourism. And it wasn’t only in July. In June there were also more British tourists (636,000 Britons compared to 635,000).

Putting the figures in perspective the Germans are the Number 1 market in Mallorca (Britain is second) but the British rule supreme in Ibiza and Minorca. Spending by British tourists also rose. The figures clearly underline that the love affair between Britain and the Balearics continues. Germans).

And now Britons are getting ready for the traditional Boxing Day holiday sales with all of the major tour operators poised to launch some serious offers.