Check your mobile phone connections when at sea. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


One bit of advice I would give people travelling to Mallorca or other Balearics islands by ferry this summer is to switch mobile phones to flight mode once out of port.
Last year I was on an overnight ferry and I took advice of a tiny warning I just happened to notice in the Port of Palma alerting to me either switch the phone off or opt for flight mode or mobile data in order not end up connecting to the ship’s international satellite system because of the costs involved.

I did, but on the way back my partner forget and for the sailing from Barcelona to Palma, she was slapped with a 70 euro bill, which she was unable to get back.
So, read the signs and take note.

Furthermore, warning are now being issued about the hidden dangers of airport wi-Fi.
An expert has issued a warning to holidaymakers over connecting to public wi-fi as they travel.

Many people could be tempted to connect to public wi-fi as they try to save their data while in a different country, but an expert has warned that this could mean you are putting yourself at risk of cybercriminals and hackers who scour the public networks looking to scam users out of their personal data.
So, be warned.