Blow for some British residents in Spain. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The apparent desire on behalf of the Spanish government to follow the example set by other EU countries and allow British residents to continue diriving with their UK licence has come as a blow and now means that many are going to have to spend quite a considerable amount of money of taking a Spanish driving test should they wish to carry on driving.

A Spanish driving test costs €94.05 - plus €35 for a mandatory pre-test physical examination.

If the driver passes, they must pay a €99.77 fee to have their license issued.

These are the baseline costs - but it’s hard to pass without lessons. Registration with a school costs around €200, while classes will set you back roughly €25 per 45 minute session.

Spain is the ninth most expensive country in the world to get a driving license, a 2020 study revealed.

That’s excluding the cost of possible language classes. People can take the Spanish theory test in English, but the practical test can only be conducted in Spanish.