UK licence negotiations may get parked up for August. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

For the thousands of British residents who for one reason and other failed to exchange their UK driving licence for a Spanish one during the last window of opportunity, it looks like they may now have to wait until September until they have the chance of swapping their licences over and getting back on the road.

Despite a great deal of hard work by the British Embassy in Madrid and the British government, it would appear that the Spanish have approached negotiations in first gear while the British Embassy wanted to have cleared the finish line before the end of July, but it appears time is running out to meet the deadline.

Today is the last Friday before the big August summer break in Spain and while the embassy has a team ready to continue negotiations through August, it remains the same if the Spanish are prepared to do the same and forego their summer break in order to help British residents, many of which are in a very difficult situation being unable to drive.

The British Ambassador, Hugh Elliott, who has made it clear that resolving the driving licence issue was a top propriety, recently said: “It remains our aspiration to agree the remaining parts as soon as possible.”

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The important paperwork from Spain, which was outstanding, arrived on the morning of July 22 and the UK team has been reviewing it as quickly as it can. Once everything is finalised, the agreement will then need legal and political approvals.

“We are committed to get this through the UK and Spanish systems quickly, however, as we’ve said before, we cannot make any guarantees.

“We have sought assurances from the Spanish Government that we can continue negotiating in August if needs be. On the UK side, we have a full team available to cover this negotiation over the summer because it is a top priority for us.

“This week we have agreed the main text – which is positive news. We now need to agree the annexes before the whole package can go forward for final legal and political approvals,” but is that going to happen during August? If not, many Britons will be parked up until September at the earliest.

That said, a few working hours remain today.